How I painted one of my AR-15's


AR-15 or whatever gun you want to paint.

Krylon spray-paint.  You can get this at any Wal-Mart, hardware store or craft store, but it will be cheapest at Wal-Mart.  Colors used for my rifle are from the Krylon "camo" line. Brown, OD green and khaki


Base coat.

I painted the entire rifle with the khaki color.  I placed the upper in a box and painted it. Dust cover closed, bolt and carrier removed.  I did the same with the stock and lower.  I flipped them over a couple hours later and did the other side.


After.  Everything is now Khaki, except the parts I forgot. :-)

I let it sit in the khaki for a day to dry, then I put it in the box and sprayed several diagonal brown streaks as seen here:

After an hour or so, I complemented those streaks with the green:

Once done, I let it dry a day, then flipped it over and repeated the process for the other side.

The next day, after it's all done.  I took the upper and lower and mag and stuck it in the oven at about 200 degrees for about an hour or so.

Here she is, all done.

And outside by a tree.